Event Marketing

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The Fringe Marketing Group. Picture of three girls doing wild poses in front of an open mouth painted on the side of the Triangle Arts Macon office.

Event Marketing Triangle Arts Macon’s grand opening: The Graffiti Ball. What we had to do As a new community space, Triangle Arts Macon needed to make a statement. The First Annual Graffiti Ball 2.0 was the perfect strategy. To be successful, the event needed to be inclusive, featuring local artists & creators. It also needed […]


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The Fringe Marketing Group of Macon-Branding. Picture of the Lost Keys Collective board smiling on stage, with the founder, Danielle Quesenberry in the center holding a microphone.

Branding Strategic marketing plan for Lost Keys Collective What we had to do We created a strategic marketing plan for Lost Keys. The goal was two-fold: to strengthen our community presence and to create an inclusive arts event. Lost Keys Collective began by hosting events in Macon. The organization partnered with Storytellers Macon, which provides […]

Media Relations

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The Fringe Marketing Group of Macon-Media Relations. Picture of the front of the historic Douglass Theatre in Macon.

Media Relations Douglass Theatre’s “Douglass Goes Digital” campaign What we had to do As the marketing specialist for the Douglass Theatre, our CEO Noelle Brooks had to promote the Douglass Goes Digital campaign. The campaign would fund a digital projector,  a 3-D screen, and audio upgrades. For the campaign to be successful, we needed to […]

Web Development

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The Fringe Marketing Group of Macon-Web Development. Picture from The Robby Group front page. Upclose shot of the end of a fishing rod and the Robby Group logo above it.

The Robby Group Website management for boutique accounting firm What we had to do The Robby Group wanted to streamline their website to savvy professionals in need of accounting and tax services. To accomplish this, we assessed the firm’s services and long-term goals. We also analyzed what made The Robby Group unique and used this […]

Content Management

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The Fringe Marketing Group of Macon-Content Management. Screenshot of the first page of a presentation for a webinar to electric co-ops.

Content Management More Than Just A Gift Webcast What we had to do To establish themselves as thought leaders, Choice Concepts partnered with Service Concepts to host a webcast for electric co-ops.  The webcast was an informative piece about the impact of promotional products for the co-op community.

Guerrilla Marketing

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The Fringe Marketing Group. Picture of the Chameleon Village Theatre featuring CEO Noelle Brooks in front of a green screen, dressed in all black. The words, "The Lost Keys Festival Promotion 2015" up top.

Guerrilla Marketing Promotional campaign for The Lost Keys Literary Festival What we had to do To gain interest about a new festival, The Lost Keys Collective needed to create a standout campaign.  The Lost Keys Festival needed a boost for its first year.  Given the limited budget and even more limited awareness, a guerrilla marketing […]