The Fringe Marketing Group is committed to creating space for those outside the mainstream with hyper-niche and often non-traditional marketing strategies. This includes artists, nonprofits, and small businesses whose budgets and audiences need highly unique and personalized marketing. Schedule your free 30-minute strategy session below. 

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Where the magic happens. Every person, business, or organization has a unique story. Defining and branding your story will set you apart. Together, we can create something beautiful.



Media Relations

The Media™ gets a bad reputation, but when it comes to cost, exposure and impact, nothing beats a well-timed press release. Effective media relations gets people buzzing.

Web Development

Remember when changing HTML on your MySpace was major? With our expertise, which combines current coding trends and targeted marketing,  you will be the coolest kid on the virtual block.

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Noelle Brooks, CEO of The Fringe Marketing Group, facing the camera with a playful yet aggressive face, fists up and out front.

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Content Management

You gotta give the people what they want. And what do they want? Content, and lots of it. From memes to toolkits, we can create wonderfully shareable things together.

Guerrilla Marketing

While digital marketing is crucial for brand development, the Internet is full of voices scrambling for attention. Guerrilla marketing is one way to rise above the digital chatter.

Event Marketing

One of the best ways for a brand to be remembered is through the execution of a fabulous event. The key is to have a great plan with a killer event marketing strategy.

She has a knack for asking the right questions and interpreting the answers in a way that speaks directly to my vision and has helped me to solidify my brand into a tangible, real-world version.

Erin Jay Owner @ Handmade By Erin Jay

She has been a great asset to Lost Keys as our marketing maven.

Danielle Grisamore Founder @ Lost Keys Collective

I just relish in her bravery to be her complete genuine self. She is an inspiration.

Aishat Oduola-Owoo Business Owner @ InumidunHair

She’s out here rocking it. Give her a challenge and she’ll demolish it.

Jonathan Harwell-Dye Senior Comm. Manager @ SCAD

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