You want copy? I got your copy! Peruse and enjoy.

Press Releases

Devon Allman At The Douglass
This was the first press release I wrote for the Douglass Theatre to announce the start of the Douglass Goes Digital campaign. Release got the event featured in the Macon Telegraph.
Lost Keys 2015 Book Drive
During Lost Keys’ first year, the festival hosted a book drive. I wrote a press release that got the founder, Danielle Grisamore, an interview to promote the initiative.
Lost Keys Pop Up Poetry Garden
Lost Keys created a pop-up poetry garden downtown for the month of April. The press release announcing the initiative got a featured spot on 13WMAZ.


Not Your Grandpa’s Accounting Firm
Robby Mathis, CEO of The Robby Group, discusses his philosophies about accounting, business and how his accounting firm is transforming financial management.
Music Event Marketing
Bragg Jam marketing co-chair Stephanie Howard discusses the trials and triumphs of event marketing and the festival’s community significance.
The Power of Tourism
Macon-Bibb CVB Director of Tourism Steven Fulbright discusses his career in tourism and its power to continue Macon’s long-term prosperity.


Create A Stellar Recruitment
A stellar recruitment plan is necessary for a variety of organizations. Develop a strategy that attracts the best talent.
Any Brand Can Use IOT
The Internet of Things is taking over. Use these steps to take advantage of the biggest consumer shifts of the 21st century.
Streamline Customer Experience
Maximize your brand’s impact while minimizing your workload. Use these strategies to streamline the customer experience.


Benefits of Guerrilla Marketing
Consumers often ignore anything that resembles a standard advertisement. Unconventional and unexpected, guerrilla marketing is the perfect megaphone.
Affiliate Marketing For Brands
Discover how affiliate marketing lessens your workload and maximizes success for your brand with these five tips. Succeed through the power of partnership.
Find And Craft Your Brand Story
One of the biggest steps most brands miss is defining who they are clearly and concisely. Use these tips to find and craft a great brand story.

Work-Life Balance

How To Be Cool Under Pressure
Sometimes life can be an unpredictable mess. While you cannot control everything, you can use these steps to stay cool under pressure.
Stay Motivated Past New Year’s
New Year’s resolutions are easy to make but difficult to keep. Use these five tips to stay motivated past the hype.
Beat The Holiday Blues
Try these four steps to beat the holiday blues and maintain your mental health this season (which is the greatest gift of all).


Proud Mary Review (2018)
The real downfall of Proud Mary is that it is not an action thriller at all. It is a portrait of a Black woman fighting to survive and make amends.
Everything’s Not Lost
My mini-review of “The Art of Work” by Jeff Goins. One of my most honest pieces and the author shared my review on his twitter.
Martin Luther King Jr. March
I can still remember the electric energy from the crowd as they marched. I also won photo of the week for this piece. Nice bonus.