The Difference Between Perfection And Greatness

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Difference Between Perfection and Greatness. Picture of a young person in a red and yellow superhero costume, pointing their finger.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer to this question was always an easy one. The response lived on the tip of my tongue, ready to spring into action at the slightest rise in inflection. “A writer,” I would say, beaming. To myself, I would add “great” because I knew […]

Somewhere In Between


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  I repeat the same four lines, continuous and unbroken, with small variations. A switch in pitch. Alterations in staccato, new syllable emphasis, change in pacing. But the Iines stay the same. I think there was a time I knew the rest. When I could sing each verse with ease and grace. Loop the words […]



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Red rivulets pool and trickle through my pants leg.┬áStupid. You always clear the room. Always. I attempt to stand. She notices and crawls over, staying low. “Hey,” she whispers, gently guiding me back down. She sees my wound. “Jesus. We gotta stop the bleeding.” She rummages around the room, searches cabinets and drawers long forgotten. […]